TenChek brings landlords and tenants together to fill units

There is nothing more costly than a vacant unit. It generates no revenue yet costs you in taxes and maintenance. You want to fill it and will do whatever it takes to do so. But, what good is it to have a series of rotating tenants who move out or fail to pay the rent and have to be evicted?

You can order a credit report, but that only gives you part of the story, and a reference listed as a former landlord might actually be an applicant�s friend.

As a licensed credit bureau, TenChek can provide standard credit reports, however, that's just the starting point. We offer both free rental listings and premium screening services. Our unique landlord tools let you know the actual rental history of an applicant. Did he or she pay late, skip or damage property? Was she or he a noise nuisance? We gather factual data directly from previous landlords and pass it on to you while complying with all provincial and federal privacy regulations. In addition, we can research and verify applications to make certain they are accurate. Instead of delivering complicated tables and charts to analyze, TenChek takes your weighted acceptance criteria, matches it with applications, and gives you a �Pass� or �Fail� score that is plain, simple, and easy to understand. We can also provide the details, if you desire, to learn if an applicant:

Rental Application
  • Is currently in good standing
  • Departed in good standing
  • Left due to a change in management or ownership
  • Paid in full after departure
  • Departed for unknown reasons
  • Pays late
  • Is currently in arrears
  • Has miscellaneous lease violations
  • Has received noise warning
  • Was evicted due to non-arrears issues
  • Was evicted due to rental arrears
  • Skipped without paying rent
  • Had a deposit not fully refunded due to damage or cleaning charges
  • Had a judicial order awarded to a landlord

List your units on the TenChek property search web site for free. Include the location, amenities, and your selection criteria weighted for the factors that are most important to you, such as income, length of residence, time at job, etc.

Potential tenants search your listings with the ability to fill out online applications with their employment, financial, and rental history. The same decision making software you use to screen applicants matches tenants with properties they are qualified to rent and reduces the number of unqualified applicants calling on you. TenChek attracts rental seekers by offering them unique advantages, such as the ability to build credit history by just paying their rent on time.

At the same time, you can scan the database of applicants for those who match your criteria and contact them. It's a win-win proposition bringing landlords and tenants together to build relationships that foster respect and understanding so you can keep your units filled with responsible people who you know even before you meet them.

Contact today to join TenChek and start getting the full picture.