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September 28, 2000
Mr. Ken Wood
GateMaster Inc.
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Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Dear Ken:

Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know that the information we received when running a prospective tenant on TenChek was invaluable.

Unknown to us was the fact that the prospective tenant had left one of his past addresses without paying his rental (in other words he skipped) and he obviously felt he did not need to mention this fact to any future landlord.

The time, energy and money which was saved by using TenChek certainly saved us, what we feel was the equivalent to our Membership Investment in TenChek.

Once again, thank you for implementing the TenChek program

Yours very truly,


Joan M. Lowe
Rental Manager

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June 15, 2001
GateMaster Inc.
339 Herring Cove Road
Suite 208
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3R 1V5

Attention: Mr. Ron Boston, President

Dear Mr. Boston:

I just thought that I should share our thoughts with you regarding our early experiences with the TenChek service.

Our property management company was one of the first to join TenChek in Canada. We manage approximately 1,000 apartments in Halifax, NS and realized the need for the type of information offered by TenChek. As you know there has never been an effective deterrent in the rental industry for those who do not live up to the lease agreements. There is only tenant protection offered by provincial tenancy legislation.

When we first joined TenChek in September/99 we were aware that the data base of tenant information would be lean, but because the initial data was collected in bulk, we also knew that it wouldn't be long before we were able to access some valuable data from the system.

Not long after joining we sent a letter to all our current tenants advising them of our joining TenChek and that their tenancy had been entered into the TenChek national data base. We acknowledged that all tenants "arrive in good standing" and we hoped that they would "leave in good standing". They were also given a copy of the TenChek Activity Codes so they were aware of what could be entered into the data base about their tenancy. I have enclosed a copy of our tenant letter for your perusal.

The net effect was the negative departures started to drop along with the bad debt write off bills.

We are delighted to be members of TenChek and highly recommend the TenChek System to any landlord or property manager who cares about their bottom line.

Yours Truly,

Harold Marryatt