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TenChek Fee Schedule

Free Member Pricing
Vroomsi Vacancy Listing $0.00
TenChek Tenant Screening Services
Online Tenancy Applications via Vroomsi $0.00
Useful Links for Landlords $0.00
Pre-Approval Report $19.50
Applicant Verification Service $39.95
Automated Digital Lease Generation $7.95
Basic/Premium Member Pricing
(for companies managing more than 25 rental units, call for a quote)
TenChek Membership Setup Fees
Basic Membership $35.00
Premium Membership (includes On-Site Inspection) $115.00
TenChek Tenant Screening Services
Consumer Reports (available to Premium Members only) $17.25
Profile Reports $16.25
Consumer Report Score $1.00
Consumer Report Safe Scan $1.00
TenChek Hit Notification $2.50
Tenant Pre-Screening (Application only) $0.00
Pre-Approval Report w/ Consumer/Profile Report & Credit Score $20.50
Pre-Approval Re-Screening $2.00
Applicant Verification Service $34.95
Automated Digital Lease Generation $5.00
TenChek + Vroomsi Listing Services
Vroomsi Vacancy Listing $0.00
Vroomsi plugin for your website $25.00
per month
Bump listing $3.95
Featured listing $20.00
per week
Other Products / Services
Commercial Credit Report $45.00
Criminal Record Search $40.00
IT Solutions / Web Development call for quote
Banner Advertisement on TenChek $100.00
per month

GateMaster Inc. Policy

  • Prices do not include applicable taxes. Taxes are added at time of payment.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • TenChek Reports consist of a TenChek Tenant Report and a Credit Report from either TransUnion or Equifax, as available.