PIPEDA-Compliant Rental Application Generator

Today's privacy laws require that landlords must obtain consent from prospective tenants when screening them using credit reports or by ways that require disclosing their personal information. TenChek provides you with a means of generating a rental application that complies with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA): the prospective tenant will be required to provide explicit signed consent to a background check using credit reports.

Also, since the TenChek system consists of tenant data submitted by landlords, this application requires the prospective tenant to give explicit signed consent to the landlord to submit details arising from their tenancy to a third party for the purpose of building a tenant rental history database.

The application will be generated in Rich Text Format -- compatible with most word processors -- allowing you to edit it if you desire. Your company name or property address can be featured on the application by entering it in the box below.

PIPEDA Compliant Legal Language

For legal peace of mind, feel free to copy and paste this language into your existing lease application form. This is the same language that appears in the forms created by the using PIPEDA-Compliant Rental Application Generator



Tips on How to Use This Legal Language

Your terms and conditions text should appear as a first paragraph at the bottom of the application form and provisions made for signing separately from the consent language to follow.

The consent language as noted above should be placed at the base of the application form as a distinct separate paragraph from your terms and conditions that you may wish to address.

In this manner an applicant(s) can apply fully and completely, and not sign the consent form if they so choose. You will, however, not be able to process their application effectively nor legally obtain information from TenChek or anywhere else.

Splitting up the consent language as a separate paragraph will leave no possibility for the applicant to argue that they did not see the consent language or that it was not clear.