The following steps are required to process your membership:

1. Online Membership Application
The Online Membership Application Form must be completed by the owner or a signing officer for the company if applicable.

After completing the application, submit the following documents (you will be returned to this page):
2. Membership & Confidentiality Agreement
Print out and read through our Membership & Confidentiality Agreement. Complete the cover page and page 4, and initial each of the other pages to indicate that you have read them.
3. Rental Application Form
Provide a blank copy of your current rental application, or the form used to request consent from your applicants. You can generate one with our rental application generator.

NOTE: Your rental application must contain legal consent language that gives you permission to pull a credit report on your applicant, as well as to disclose any information related to or arising from their tenancy to GateMaster for the purpose of building a database of tenant rental history.
4. Photo ID
Scan two pieces of your Canadian Government issued ID, at least one of which shows a photo of you. Acceptable forms of ID include drivers license, health care card, passport, and provincial ID cards.

NOTE: We frequently receive ID that is not legible. To avoid delays in your membership processing, scan at high resolution and set your scanner to enlarge and lighten the scan.
5. Management Agreements
If you manage any properties that you do not own, scan and send a copy of the agreements between yourself and the property owner(s) for at least 3 of those properties. If fewer than 3 properties managed, send in agreements for all properties.
6. Supplementary Identification Materials
Submit two of the following documents:
  • Completed Identity Verification Form (link), signed by an account manager from your bank.
  • A copy of the Evidence of Insurance Certificate for at least one of the properties owned. It must include both the owner's name and the address of the property.
  • A copy of a Property Tax Statement for one of the properties owned. It must include both the owner's name and the address of the property.
  • A copy of a current phone bill, showing both the owner's name and phone number.

Processing of your membership

GateMaster Inc is committed to the timely processing of your membership application. Processing normally takes 2-3 business days, although there are sometimes delays beyond our control while we await third-party verification.

To ensure the fastest possible processing time, please make note of the following:

  • We cannot begin verifying your membership until we receive all required documents.
  • Delays in sending required documents may cause your application to be cancelled
  • When faxing or scanning, please set your fax machine / scanner to 8.5" x 11"
  • If we determine that any documents are illegible or of insufficient quality to verify,
    we will request a higher quality version before proceeding

Digitized versions of the Membership Application Documents can be uploaded securely to TenChek once the Online Membership Application has been completed.

We do not recommend emailing documents, as email is an inherently insecure medium. You may also fax documents to us at:

  • 902-475-3683 (Halifax area)
  • 888-475-1078 (Toll-Free)