Code Type Definitions Details
01 A Current tenant in good standing Tenant has just moved into an apartment or has been a tenant in good standing for some time.
There is no current rental arrears, no warnings have been given and there are no lease violations at this time.
02 D Tenant departed in good standing Tenant gave full and proper notice and departed at the end of the lease with no outstanding rent or other charges due.
03 I Tenant pays rent late Tenant paid their rent late on a particular date
04 I Miscellaneous lease violations Tenant violated lease agreement or regulations in areas where there is no specific code
05 I Tenant has received noise warnings Tenant has received a written or verbal warning about unacceptable noise coming from their apartment that is disruptive to other tenants.
06 I Tenant is currently in arrears* Tenant currently owes money, either from current month's rent or from previous month(s)
07 D Tenant evicted due to non-arrears issues Tenant evicted due to noise complaints, pet violation, or other action that is in breach of the tenancy regulations, other than rental arrears.
08 D Deposit not fully refunded; Damages or cleaning charges reported Deposit not fully refunded due to property damage or cleaning above and beyond normal wear and tear and/or deposit applied to unpaid rent or other charges, where applicable.
09 D Tenant evicted due to rental arrears Tenant evicted due to rent not being paid in accordance with lease agreement or verbal agreement (in lieu of a lease).
10 D Tenant skipped without paying rent Tenant left without giving proper notice, and/or paying all rent due.
11 D Tenant paid in full after departure Tenant has made satisfactory, full and/or final payment of rent, damage or other costs due to the landlord, either voluntarily or otherwise.
12 D Departure status - other / unknown No verifiable information available on the status of departure.
13 I Judicial order awarded to landlord An order of the Court, Rentalsman, Residential Tenancies Board or other appropriate legal body was awarded to the landlord.
14 U Change in management / ownership Change in management/ownership but tenant has not moved.
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* Code 06 is deleted from all tenants at 2400 hr. on the 1st day of every month.