Are You Not Getting Enough Information from Credit Checks?

TenChek’s trusted pre-approval screening system utilizes credit bureau reports merged with verifiable tenant rental history data provided by landlords. Screening criteria is customizable to fit the landlord’s preferences and requires minimal knowledge in approving the best applicants.

What Info Do I Need For a TenChek Report?

Getting a TenChek report is easy! The only info you will absolutely need are the consumer's name, date of birth, and a recent address, along with signed consent to perform a credit check. Consumer data will only be retained on our servers for as long as it is necessary to complete the screening process, after which it will be removed. If you don't have an application form, you can use our application form, or you can have your applicant can apply online through Vroomsi!

TenChek + Vroomsi

TenChek membership offers extended functionality on Vroomsi. Tenants can fill out an application online, and our system will notify you of successful applicants. The comprehensive TenChek system tracks applications, making it easy to turn qualified applicants into lower-risk tenants.

Information Tracked by the TenChek System

  • Applicant is currently in good standing
  • Departed in good standing
  • Left due to a change in management or ownership
  • Paid in full after departure
  • Departed for unknown reasons
  • Pays late
  • Is currently in arrears
  • Has received noise warning
  • Was evicted due to non-arrears issues
  • Was evicted due to rental arrears
  • Skipped without paying rent
  • Had a deposit not fully refunded due to damage or cleaning charges
  • Had a judicial order awarded to a landlord
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TenChek saves you time and money, and helps you build amiable and trusting relationships with your new tenants so you can fill your vacant units with responsible people who you know even before you meet them. We can also do the verification process that includes checking out an applicant's employment, earnings and references, giving you more time to manage your units.

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